Learn to Massage

Massage Courses 1 & 2 Day Options + Refresher Days

Learn the power to heal with your hands. Join our short courses at ‘Just Let Go’ to learn correct massage techniques from our experienced and qualified staff. Ideal for beginners and those looking to upgrade their skills.   

You will learn the basic knowledge of the body and relaxation massage techniques for use on your dear ones. You can help your loved ones relive all the tension, stress and pain just with the touch of your hands. We teach you correct techniques to save yourself from pain or exhaustion after all day massage.

  • We include only a right amount of theory. The focus remains on practical demonstration for easy learning.
  • Maximum 10 people per batch so each individual gets the dedicated time.
  • Refreshments are provided at the venue.
  • Towels, tables and massage wax are all supplied by during the course.
  • For your individual interest in a particular massage therapy technique we can cover that in two days’ course.
  • Qualified Teachers

Why Learn to Massage?

Share quality time together while easing out tension, pain and headaches. Once you have the knowledge of how, its enjoyable and a pleasure to give.

Your hands have the power to heal and uplift. Learn how to listen with your hands. Improve the wellbeing of everyone you care about. Bring a loved one to learn with you, so you can receive as well as give! Or work with someone on the course. The choice is yours.

Two Day Course

10am - 5.30pm

$480 per person. Lunch and refreshments provided. 

Day 1.

Back, neck and shoulders. How to deliver a brilliant tension releasing massage for these critical areas. Points of the neck and shoulders are covered in detail.

Theory is integrated with illustrations and information for you to label, draw on and keep are provided.

Towel placement, effective table set up, caring for your own body posture - techniques are given, to ensure you can massage for hours without strain.

Head Massage - we teach you techniques that empower you to provide the most stress releasing head massage. Arms and hand massage follows this delicious head massage...wrapping up day one.

Day 2.

Hips, buttocks, legs and feet are taught in a variety of ways, depending on what you want to learn. Branching into sports and deeper tissue massage techniques.

Understanding of how to massage with existing conditions such as varicose veins or diabetes is covered in depth.

Putting it all together - we finish day two by practicing putting everything you have practiced into one full body massage on your massage partners. 

Chair and clothed massage can be covered for anyone interested in this.

Course material is provided, theory teaching is integrated into the practical.

Refresher days are also available to extend your ability once you have mastered your new skills.

One Day Course

10am - 5.30pm

$320 per person. Lunch and refreshments provided. 

email to register - bank details will be sent to you

Our One day courses provide you with the key ingredients to provide a wonderful relaxation massage - the components of day one of the two day massage course are covered.

Back, neck, head and shoulders are the key focus of our one day course. Some time is spent addressing theory, management of towels and correctly helping your person to turn over. Clothed and chair massage can be covered in this course. The pace of learning is set by the participants. 

Course Dates 2018 - one or two day options - The one day course is the Saturday of each course date

 March 17th and 18th
 April 14th and 15th
May 5th and 6th
May 26th and 27th
June 2nd and 3rd